Virginia Cavaliers at Houston Cougars Betting Preview

16 November 2021

The Virginia Cavaliers are hoping to establish themselves by taking down the No.15 team in the NCAA. They have quite the work cut out for them if they want to win this one, though.

The Cavaliers have a good defense, but they haven't faced a team like Houston. The Cougars are not a team to be taken lightly, especially for an up-and-coming team like Virginia.

The Houston Cougars have started the season 2-0 and claimed a huge win over Rice. Tuesday, they host the Virginia Cavaliers, a team hoping to make a name for themselves.

The Cougars' sole focus is winning games and increasing their ranking. To do this, they'll have to take down the Cavaliers on Tuesday night. A task that the Cavaliers are definitely up for.

Virginia Cavaliers Betting Preview: Keys to win on Tuesday

Unfortunately for the Cavaliers, their offense doesn't quite match up with Houston's. On average, they score 65.5 points per game, compared to Houston's 81.0.

This already puts the Cavaliers at a distinct disadvantage. That being said, we don't want to count out the Cavaliers too early; upsets have happened before. The question is, how can they pull it off.

The Cavaliers are a tough defensive team, so they should start by focusing on that. Limiting the open looks for Houston will be big for the Cavaliers. Virginia also shoots well from beyond the arc, something they should take advantage of.

Getting their players tons of open looks will only help their case to beat the Cougars. They're also 7.5-point underdogs, a solid head start.

Houston Cougars Betting Preview: Keys to win on Tuesday

Houston finds itself with a great opportunity to increase its standing. Playing Virginia at home gives them the chance to dominate another team. After seeing their performance against Rice, you should know just how lethal the Cougars are.

However, they'll still need to find a way around the defense of the Cavaliers. This shouldn't be much trouble for Houston, especially at home.

The Cougars are 2-0 as a favorite and 1-1 against the spread. Although there's a seven-point margin to cover, it should be no sweat for the Cougars. Their offensive ability, paired with a defense that allows just 60.5 points per game, is a perfect recipe.

The Cavaliers' offense can't keep up with the firepower in Houston's lineup. So, who should you take to win on Tuesday?

Our Pick for the Virginia Cavaliers at Houston Cougars

After looking at what each of these teams does best, we can confidently say to take Houston. The spread isn't so large that they won't be able to cover, especially with their defense. Maybe if the margin was well over ten, we'd lean in another direction.

However, with what we've seen from the Cougars, there's no better choice to take in this game. 

We also suggest that you take the over here. Each team will find multiple ways to score, but by the end of it, Houston will be the victor by ten points. You've got to go with the home team to secure the win and cover the spread here.

Dunkelindex Free Pick: Houston Cougars -7.5, OVER

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