Seattle Kraken at Vegas Golden Knights Betting Preview

09 November 2021

It’s an interdivisional matchup between the Kraken and the Golden Knights. Each of these teams is fairly new to the NHL, especially the Kraken.

Although they’ve had a bumpy start to their first season, they’ve claimed a couple of big wins. They hope to claim another by beating one of their division rivals on Tuesday. This is a task much easier said than done.

The Golden Knights haven’t quite had the start they wanted to their season either. Plagued by injuries, the Knights are currently sixth in the division, with a 6-6 record.

They can increase their standing in the division with a win over the Seattle Kraken. However, after a recent loss to the Red Wings, it’s tough to say Vegas is a trustworthy team. Let’s take a look at both teams below.

Seattle Kraken attempt to halt their recent road skid

Out of six road games, the Kraken has only won a single game. This was at the beginning of the year when they faced the Predators. On Tuesday, they’ll attempt to stop the losing streak by beating the Golden Knights.

However, their game against the Knights didn’t go in their favor the first time. Seattle lost the game 4-3 at home to open their first NHL season.

First, the Kraken need to focus on what they do well, which is slowing down the pace. They also need to find a way to capitalize more when they’re on a power play.

Currently, they rank 32nd in the NHL. If they want to pull off an upset here, they’ll need to capitalize. If they fail to, you can be sure that the Golden Knights will make them pay for their mistakes.

The Vegas Golden Knights aren’t doing much better than Seattle

The start to the season for the Golden Knights was an uncharacteristic one. Through the first five games, the Golden Knights went 1-4, their only win being over the Kraken.

Since then, they’ve been better, but not nearly as good as they were. Their most recent game was a 5-2 loss to the Detroit Red Wings. They’ll look to pick up the pieces on Tuesday.

As always, the Golden Knights perform best when playing fast-paced games. If the game gets slowed down too much, they can’t produce much offense.

Against the Kraken, they’ll need to score early and often, getting Seattle into an early hole. If they can do this, the Golden Knights should have no trouble taking this game from Seattle.

Our Pick for Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Unfortunately for the Seattle Kraken, they’re facing a very fast-paced team. This leads us to believe that the Golden Knights will be able to pull this one off at home. Sure, Vegas hasn’t had quite the start they wanted this season, but they’re familiar with Seattle.

Having already beaten them, we believe that the Golden Knights have a distinct edge here. Expect Vegas to score early and put the Kraken on the ropes. From there, the Golden Knights should be able to hold off the Kraken and get a win at home.

Dunkelindex Pick: Vegas Golden Knights -126, OVER

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