Chicago Bulls at Portland Trail Blazers Betting Preview

17 November 2021




Wednesday, November 17th Chicago Bulls @ Portland Trail Blazers



It seems as if there is no stopping the Chicago Bulls right now. Chicago is 10-4 this season, and the team finally looks like they can make a strong push in the Eastern Conference.

On Wednesday, they take on a tough team from the West, the Portland Trail Blazers. With Ball, DeRozan, and Lavine, the Bulls are ready for whatever Portland throws at them.

The Portland Trail Blazers have an opportunity to take down the number two team in the East. However, their best player, Damien Lillard, could be out of this one. If he is, can the Trail Blazers still come out of this one with a win?

They have a very talented roster, but how can they deal with the high-scoring Bulls? Let’s see what each team needs to do to win this game.

Chicago Bulls: Keys to victory on Wednesday

The Chicago Bulls seem like a hybrid between the Warriors and the Lakers. They shoot well from beyond the arc but also can get inside and score in the paint. Needless to say, the Bulls are an amazing basketball team, but they can’t get comfortable.

They need a dominant win over the Trail Blazers here. The more wins they have over Western Conference opponents, the better.

So, what they’ll need to do is the same thing they’ve been doing all season, work the ball around. The Bulls rank at number eighteen in the NBA in assists per game; it’s time to get that number up.

They should also focus on getting more looks from the three-point line, especially for Lavine. The Bulls are the fourth-best 3PT shooting team in the NBA with a percentage of 36.92.

Portland Trail Blazers: Keys to victory on Wednesday

There’s no denying that this will be an incredibly tough game for the Trail Blazers. However, they are just coming off of a win over the Toronto Raptors. Perhaps, they can use that game as a guide for them to take down the Bulls.

Unfortunately, this is much easier said than done, but nothing is impossible. They’ll first need to start with slowing down Lonzo Ball.

Some would probably think that DeMar DeRozan should be the focus for Portland. We disagree; Lonzo Ball is the distributor that creates all the looks for DeRozan and Lavine. If Portland can limit Lonzo’s court vision, they’ll be in good shape.

To do this, they would need Damien Lillard in the lineup, which they might not have. That being said, that’ll be the only way to stop the Bulls.

Our Pick for the Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland has performed poorly against the spread this season, currently 6-9. Somehow, they come into this game -2, but we’re happy to take those odds. This means that the Chicago Bulls are +2 in this one and the best bet on Wednesday.

Chicago is 10-4 against the spread and has an ATS road record of 5-2. If there’s a team you should always take at the sportsbook, it’s Chicago. We expect Ball, DeRozan, and Lavine to have another spectacular night on Wednesday.

Dunkelindex Free Pick: Chicago Bulls +2, OVER

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