UCLA Bruins at Gonzaga Bulldogs Betting Preview

23 November 2021




Tuesday, November 23rd Gonzaga Bulldogs @ UCLA Bruins



The No.1 team in the nation faces off against the No.2 team on Tuesday night. We could very well be watching a preview of the NCAAB Championship.

The 5-0 Gonzaga Bulldogs face the UCLA Bruins on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Each of these teams has a 5-0 record, which means one of them will be handed their first loss. Will Gonzaga find a way to come out on top?

The UCLA Bruins are sporting a 5-0 record as well, but they won't have to travel far. Playing the Bulldogs at home is a tough task, but technically, there is no homecourt advantage.

Can their defense fight off the Bulldogs' elite scoring? Or will the Bruins find themselves at a disadvantage against the Gonzaga shooters? More importantly, who will cover the spread on Tuesday?

UCLA Bruins: How can the Bruins beat the Bulldogs?

The defense will be the name of the game for UCLA on Tuesday night in Las Vegas. The last thing the Bruins want is for the Bulldogs to have open looks. They'll need to play tight on the Gonzaga shooters, giving them little to no breathing room.

The Bruins, on average, only allow 67.8 points per game. If they want to win this one, shutting down the Bruins offense is step one.

Step two is getting their own offense going, which could be tough against Gonzaga. The Bulldogs have a better defense than the Bruins do, allowing just 59.6 points per game. However, UCLA shoots over 40% from beyond the arc.

To combat the incredible Gonzaga defense, the Bruins will need to find a way to get their shooters open. If they can do that, the Bruins have a chance.

Gonzaga Bulldogs: No.1 team in the country is ready for action

This is the perfect game for the Bulldogs to prove exactly why they're the number one team. For starters, if they can stop the Bruins offense, it'll be another accolade for their defense.

Their offense is already ranked second in the nation, averaging 93.2 points per game. It goes without saying that the Bulldogs are an incredible basketball team, but what about the spread?

The Bulldogs come in as 6-point favorites in this one, which isn't very large. However, they are facing the Bruins, another team with an incredible offense, so it might be close. Both teams have the same 3-2 record against the spread as well, making this even tougher. Still, only one team will be able to emerge victorious at the sportsbook.

So, who should you pick?

Our Pick for UCLA BRUINS at Gonzaga Bulldogs

After taking a look at each of these teams, our pick is the Gonzaga Bulldogs. They have an incredible offense with the defense to match. They might not have an incredible record against the spread, but they know how to win games.

They also aren't favored by a ton of points in this one, just six points. This will make it a much easier spread for them to cover on Tuesday. Take the Gonzaga Bulldogs -6 and pair it with the over.

DunkelIndex Free Betting Pick: Gonzaga Bulldogs -6, OVER

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