Purdue Boilermakers at North Carolina Tar Heels Betting Preview

20 November 2021




Saturday, November 20th Purdue Boilermakers @ North Carolina Tar Heels



The Purdue Boilermakers are ready to take the big stage on Saturday.

They've had a great start to their season, but now they have to head out on the road. Beating the Tar Heels at home won't be an easy task; however, Purdue doesn't shy away from challenges. They have a chance here to solidify their number six position in the nation, but will the road be kind to them?

Two 3-0 teams face off on Saturday when the Tar Heels take on the Boilermakers in an intense matchup. North Carolina is ranked No.18 in the nation and can increase its standing with a win over Purdue. They've got a strong offense and a defense to go along with it.

The question is, how well can they perform against Purdue, who has the sixth-best offense in the nation?

Purdue Boilermakers: Keys to victory on Saturday

As Purdue heads into this game, there are a couple of key things to watch. For starters, the Boilermakers' offense needs to be electric early. They need to come out swinging and set the tone for the entire game.

They average 94.67 points per game, sixth in the entire nation. Their first step to winning this game is to get the Tar Heels on their heels early on in the game.

Next, the Boilermakers need to do what they do best, shoot threes. This team averages 41.67% from beyond the three-point line, one of the best in the entire nation.

They can also push the Tar Heels to the perimeter, a place in which North Carolina struggles. If the Boilermakers can do this, they should be able to snag a win on Saturday. However, North Carolina has other plans.

North Carolina Tar Heels: Keys to victory on Saturday

For the Tar Heels to take this game, they need to play bully ball against Purdue. By this, we mean that North Carolina needs to force the ball inside and dominate the paint.

Rebounding will play a vital role in this game; the Tar Heels need to secure as many as possible. Currently, North Carolina averages 41.67 rebounds per game; they'll definitely need more on Saturday.

Outside of rebounding and scoring of their own, defending the perimeter is their next key. Purdue shoots incredibly from beyond the arc; any open look from the three-point line is a threat.

Playing tight on their man is going to be the way to avoid these open looks. Smothering their opponent to prevent any free looks at threes. It sounds tough, but the Tar Heels can do it.

Our Pick for the Purdue Boilermakers at North Carolina Tar Heels

After looking at what each team does best and what they need to do to win, we'll take UNC. The Tar Heels understand the importance of this game for ranking.

They also understand the advantages they have over Purdue. Although they might not have the best shooting in the nation, they have one of the best field-goal percentages.

Now, just to be clear, we believe that Purdue will win this game. However, we also believe that the Tar Heels will cover the 6-point spread as underdogs. Look for the Tar Heels to get their first win at the sportsbook this season and for the total to go OVER.

DunkelIndex Free Pick: North Carolina Tar Heels +6, OVER

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