Philadelphia 76ers at Utah Jazz Betting Preview

16 November 2021




Tuesday, November 16th Philadelphia 76ers @ Utah Jazz



The Philadelphia 76ers are on a four-game losing streak and look to end it on Tuesday. Unfortunately for them, they’ll be taking on the Utah Jazz, one of the best teams in the Western Conference. The 76ers will be missing multiple players when this game kicks off.

The question is will these injuries prevent them from getting a win? Or can they overcome them?

The Utah Jazz is on a losing streak of their own after losing to the Pacers and Heat. Rudy Gay is still listed as “out” for this game which hurts the Jazz scoring.

However, the trio of Mitchell, Conley, and Gobert remain intact. Each of these players is doing all they can to earn a win for the Jazz. Still, with their recent losses, we wonder if they can do enough to beat the 76ers.

Philadelphia 76ers: Keys to victory on Tuesday night

The 76ers have some shooters on their team, and it’s time they started using them. Seth Curry is one of them; finding ways to get him open from beyond the arc is paramount.

The Jazz has a stingy defense, so it’s not going to be easy to get open. The 76ers will need to get creative with it, setting plenty of screens to get Curry an open look. It’ll be tough, but it is their best plan.

On defense, we’d like to see the 76ers up the intensity. Opponents are shooting 35.45% from the three-point line against the 76ers. If they want to start winning games, they’ll have to stop their opponents from shooting so well.

How they can do this is by playing tight the entire game, never allowing their opponent a chance to breathe.

Utah Jazz: Keys to victory on Tuesday night

The Utah Jazz finds themselves facing a team that is on a four-game losing streak. They themselves have lost a few games as well, so they understand the importance. The Jazz has played really well at home, going 4-2 this season.

However, they come in as 8.5-point favorites on Tuesday night. That’s a lot of points to cover, but they’re playing a heavily injured 76ers team.

To cover this spread, Donovan Mitchell will need help from the other two players we mentioned. Mike Conley will need an incredible shooting night, and Rudy Gobert will need to secure offensive rebounds.

The more offensive rebounds he can secure, the better the chances are for second-chance points. More second-chance points equal a better chance at covering.

Our Pick for Philadelphia 76ers at Utah Jazz

It might seem like a stretch, but we really like the Utah Jazz here. They come in as 8.5-point favorites, but they should be able to cover it well. They’ve gone 7-6 against the spread this season, with a 3-3 ATS record when at home.

With Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons out, the Jazz are in good shape to win here. The 76ers also haven’t performed well against the spread lately, going 1-4 in their last five games. With that being said, we’ll take the Utah Jazz and the under in this one.

Dunkelindex Free Pick: Utah Jazz -8.5, UNDER

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