Kentucky Wildcats at LSU Tigers Betting Preview

04 January 2022




Tuesday, January 04th Kentucky Wildcats @ LSU Tigers



It might not be March yet, but the madness is definitely in effect. The Kentucky Wildcats ranked 16th in NCAAB take on the 21st-ranked LSU Tigers. This Kentucky team is looking really good as we go through the back half of the season.

However, LSU has pulled off some pretty impressive wins themselves. Can the Wildcats find a way to get through the LSU defense?

LSU is coming off of a big loss to Auburn, 70-55. Although they’re having a great start to their year, they need to be able to win those big games. If not, they’ll end up with another mediocre year.

With another huge game on Tuesday, the LSU Tigers can prove they deserve to be mentioned with the top teams. Stopping the Kentucky defense will take all they’ve got.

Kentucky Wildcats: Five straight wins is on the horizon

The Wildcats have an incredible offense that has really picked up this year. On average, the Wildcats score 83.9 points per game, ranking 12th in college basketball.

The interesting thing is that’s probably not even their best stat. In our opinion, it’s their ability to grab an average of 44.9 rebounds per game, third in the NCAA. This is what’s helping put their team over the top.

Being able to rebound efficiently and score at ease has the Wildcats at No.16. They need to start getting wins over ranked teams, though. They started their year with a game against Duke, who was ranked No.9, and lost 79-71.

This game against LSU gives them a chance to get a win over a ranked team. If they do win, it’ll be their first win over a ranked team in this season.

LSU Tigers: After a tough loss, the Tigers look to get it together

It might sound strange, but the LSU Tigers actually come in as the favorites in this game. This is partly because up until their game against Auburn; the LSU Tigers were undefeated.

Now, with one loss on their record, they’ll look to take down the Wildcats. They come into this game as narrow favorites, though, just -1. That small spread will definitely benefit bettors who take them.

LSU doesn’t have the scoring ability or the rebounding of the Wildcats. Still, there is something very special about the LSU Tigers, their defense. On average, teams only score 55.3 points per game against LSU.

Their defense is what’s led to their incredible 12-1 record. Hopefully, this defense has enough to stop the Wildcats offense and their rebounding skills.

Our pick for the Kentucky Wildcats at LSU Tigers

One of the biggest differences between these teams is how they perform at the sportsbook. So far, the Wildcats have a record of 7-6 against the spread. This isn’t a terrible record, just over .500.

However, compared to the LSU record of 10-3, there is clearly a better team at the sportsbook.

This fact, along with the LSU defense, will have us taking LSU -1 in this game. Their defense should be able to prevent the Wildcat offense from going off.

If they can find a way to limit Kentucky’s ability to rebound, they’ll be set. It’s also a small spread, so LSU won’t need to cover very much; all they need to do is win.

DunkelIndex Free Pick: LSU Tigers -1, UNDER

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