Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Betting Preview

23 November 2021




Thursday, November 25th Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions



It's a classic Thanksgiving Day matchup between the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions. Neither of these teams is performing well this year, so that takes a little of the fun out.

However, since they're so evenly matched, this game should be quite entertaining. This is their second meeting of the year; in the first one, the Bears won 24-14. Will we see a repeat win from Chicago?

The Detroit Lions still haven't one a game, much to their chagrin. However, this game against the Bears gives them a chance to capture their first win of the season.

The Bears are dealing with a ton of injuries (as are the Lions), and Detroit can use this to their advantage. Tim Boyle will get the start at quarterback due to Jared Goff's injury.

So, who should you take on Thursday?

Chicago Bears: Plagued by injuries, the Bears are in trouble

Nobody wants to be the team that lost to the 0-9-1 Detroit Lions. However, with all of the injuries piling up, the Bears are in danger of doing so. If Justin Fields is unable to play, Andy Dalton will step in at the quarterback position.

We could also see Nick Foles step in at quarterback in the event the Bears decide against Dalton. Still, one thing we will see is more passing from Chicago.

We want to be clear that we believe this is a good thing. The Bears have turned into a stagnant offense that doesn't take shots downfield. This is mostly due to Fields' "run-first" mentality.

This has made the Bears one of the most predictable offenses in the NFL. An offense that on average scores just 16.3 points per game, one of the worst in the NFL.

Detroit Lions: Could the Lions claim their first win on Thursday?

We have to say, this is definitely a possibility, especially with all of the injuries to Chicago. The main concern for Detroit is how well will Tim Boyle perform?

He's not the quarterback that we expected to see in this one, but with Goff out, he's all they have. If the Lions can find a way to buy him time in the pocket, perhaps he'll do just fine on Thursday. But what if he doesn't?

The Lions come in as narrow underdogs because these teams are so evenly matched. If they can't find a way to move the ball downfield, this game will go to Chicago. However, the Bears' defense is missing a lot of pass rushers.

With those players out, it should give Detroit more time to search for options downfield. Unfortunately, we just don't know how Tim Boyle will perform.

Our Pick for the Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions on Thursday

This one might be a surprise to some, but we'll take the Detroit Lions to win this one. With the injuries to the Bears lineup, the Lions are in a perfect position to win this one. They're also at home and playing on Thanksgiving Day, giving them even more motivation.

They come in as +3.5-point underdogs, but we think they'll win the game outright. We also would pair this pick with the under, especially considering how these offenses perform. Take the Detroit Lions at home +3.5 and the under on Thursday.

DunkelIndex Free Betting Pick: Detroit Lions +3.5, UNDER

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