Dunkel MLB Rankings - Monday May 3, 2021

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We have completed one month of the 2021 Major League Baseball season. We have a new team at the top of the latest Dunkel MLB Rankings. Be sure to check out the rankings to see where all the teams landed. Here is a brief recap of the rankings look like:

Giant at the Top

The San Francisco Giants are a surprise, and they are the top team in the league. San Francisco starts a new week with a 17-11 mark on the season. The Giants are winning games with excellent starting pitching. The Giants are ahead of the Dodgers, Padres, and Diamondbacks, but all four teams come into the new week over .500, and all within 2 games of each other. The Dodgers check in at #3, San Diego is 7, Arizona is 12th, and Colorado checks in at #29.

Boston Still Ricking Strong

The Boston Red Sox hold a 1.5 game lead on the American League East. The Red Sox have dropped back to back games, while Toronto has won three in a row, so things are closing in a little bit. In fact, the Yankees are now back to .500, and just 2.5 games out of first place. The Red Sox are #2 in the latest rankings, with Toronto at 9, the Yankees at 14, Tampa Bay 16, and Baltimore 17. 

Brewers Nice Weekend

The Milwaukee Brewers had a nice weekend, despite getting dismantled on Sunday by the Dodgers. Milwaukee won the series and are tied with the Giants for the best record in the National League. Milwaukee, despite their 17-11 record on the season, has a -1 run differential. St. Louis, who has won four straight games, comes in just a game behind the Brewers in the division. Milwaukee is 4th in the rankings, while the Cardinals come in at 8th. Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and the Chicago Cubs are 18, 25, and 27, respectively. 

Kansas City With Strong April

The Kansas City Royals still lead the American League Central. After a month of play, there is no way anyone outside of Mike Matheny thought that would be the case. But, with 16 wins in 26 games, the Royals are 1.5 games ahead of the White Sox. The Indians, Twins, and Tigers have not taken advantage of a winning streak this season; in fact - the Tigers have dropped 5 in a row and have the worst record in baseball. Kansas City rounds out the Top 5 of the rankings. After that - the White Sox are 10th, Cleveland sits at 20, while Minnesota is 28th, and the Detroit Tigers are dead last at 30th.

May Flowers?

Now, the question is out there - what team is going to take advantage of the Mayflowers and head into June as the divisional leaders? There is no division in Major League Baseball that a team has a 2 game lead or more. Colorado is 7 games back, and the Tigers are 9.5 games back, but everyone else in Major League Baseball is within 6 games of the leader in the division. The National League East is interesting because Washington and the Mets lead the division and are at .500.

Thanks for checking out the Dunkel Index MLB Rankings. Check back next Monday for a new update!



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